Configuration for tmux


My configuration for tmux.

This is my configuration for tmux - with parts copied from here and there.

Local version here.

A few remarks:

  • CTRL-B is the prefix. That’s it, different from screen, lets me go to the beginning of a command line but makes it harder to jump back by pages in the editor or the pager.
  • The status line is basic but useful, with colors and the clock.
  • CTRL-B CTRL-B toggles with the last window, streamlining jumping between two windows. It’s the single thing that I wish were a default instead of needing explicit configuration.
  • CTRL-B | divides into panes vertically, CTRL-B - divides into panes horizontally. It just makes so much sense!

Everything is totally not something I came up with on my own, but unfortunately I don’t know whom I should attribute the different bits. Shame on me but… at least I’m not taking the merit!

It’s easy to install it: put the file in a .tmux.conf file inside the home directory, and nothing more is needed.

Stay safe everyone!

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