Crypt::LE update


I updated to a new release of Crypt::LE.

I’m using Let’s Encrypt to get free TLS certificates for my website. No big deal.

Except that I was still using the previous version of the ACME protocol, which is going for good by June. I actually like very much how the sunset is being done - getting errors from now and then. I started receiving these errors in my mailbox, and with plenty of time I’ve been finally able to take a look at it.

Long story short, Crypt::LE is capable of handling the latest protocol version (i.e. ACME v2, a.k.a. RFC 8555), so after about 5 years I did the upgrade with a few hiccups (including the total restructuring of the underlying data model for dibs which happened in the meantime 😅).

If you’re getting those nagging notifications… the new Crypt::LE is (so far!) highly suggested!

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