Quick access to teepee.

There are a few tools that I coded that I use consistently, and one of them is teepee. I already blogged about it, shared it on GitHub and all of that.

Why a post about it then?

Well, I was actually a bit tired of searching for it all the times, and this quick blog doubles down as a way to keep notes so… 😅

If you’re curious on how to use it, I’d suggest looking at the blog post or the dedicated pages linked above. If you just want to install the latest version though… you can copy-paste the part relevant to you from this:

curl -LO https://github.com/polettix/teepee/raw/master/bundle/teepee
#   wget https://github.com/polettix/teepee/raw/master/bundle/teepee

chmod +x teepee

sudo mv teepee /usr/local/bin

The bundled version (sort-of fat-packed) leverages on YAML::Tiny which mostly does its job but unfortunately does not support anchors and references, which is hugely useful in some situations. Well… life sucks sometimes.

Stay safe folks!

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