Avoid password in sudo and more



CAVEAT: Don’t disable password asking from sudo by default, always think carefully about it!

It happened to me recently to work inside a few new virtual machines in my laptop, i.e. a low-security situation. In these cases, I prefer to have sudo just run without a password, because I usually have to run very specific commands anyway (e.g. test commands in a specific software inside the VM).

Invariably, I have to look for the right syntax to stop sudo from asking a password.

Then I hit Understanding sudoers(5) syntax, which is very well-written, complete and contains a good TL;DR section at the beginning. I took the liberty to redact it a bit to form my own TL;DR section at the beginning of this post.

The page is very interesting and easy to follow; it gives a sense to all the different sections in a natural way, and yes, I think that should actually be the manpage.

Happy reading!

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