2020 in retrospect


A few trivial considerations about this blog.

I started 2020 with a resolution to blog something at least daily. The goal was to write more often, because my main blog was lagging behind waiting for articles that took too much time to materialize.

All in all, I consider this a success. I was able to publish something every day, with the exception of one day in May and six days in June, because they were really, really hard days. It’s still more than 98%, not terribly good in Telco but acceptable for a personal challenge.

Finding stuff to write about has proven hard at times and way too easy at some other times. I had the tendency to drift towards being useful, as opposed to consider this an exercise where something can come out useful from time to time. If anything, it teached me that the important thing is to write, like any other training it will prove useful eventually.

I didn’t start with a specific audience in mind. Well, actually I set a very low bar: future me. I’d say that, as future me now (at least with respect to this year of posts), I tend to re-open some posts from time to time because I left interesting things there.

I’m not sure whether I’ll stick to this habit. On the one hand, it’s like being arrived at the end of a Marathon: I’m tired and so overwhelmingly happy to have made it. On the other, if I stop I’ll probably lose something important. Let’s see.

For now, anyway… let me wish you all a Happy 2021 😄

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