nayme - a Fantasy Name Generator


nayme is (yet) another Fantasy Name Generator.

While waiting for an answer to a proposal for including the parser described in Fantasy Name Generator - a parser into fantasyname (see issue Interested in a better Perl version?), I’ve decided to publish the code in a slightly more polished form.

nayme just requires Perl 5.024 or later to run. It should not be an issue because… heck, we’re in 2020 as of this writing!

Just a few usage examples:

# list available templates (only internal ones)
nayme --list

# list available templates (internal & in file "definitions.json")
nayme -f definitions.json -l

# generate 20 fake "Greek" names 
nayme --count 20 --template GREEK_NAMES

# generate 1 fantasy name according to the specification
nayme -s "BV(|||'|-)Cs"

For the details, you’re invited to read the file, it’s not big and should get you up to speed in no time. Enjoy!


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