A Docker wrapper for using graphics programs from the command line.

Find it here: graffer.

Install it like this:

docker pull
docker tag graffer:active
curl -LO
chmod +x graffer
# now put graffer in some place into PATH...

The wrapper script is the following (well, as of today!):


main() {
   name="$(basename "$0")"
   if [ "$name" != "graffer" ] ; then
      _call "/app/$name" "$@"
      _call "$@"

_call() {
   ${DOCKER_COMMAND:-"docker"} run --rm -it \
      -v "$PWD:/mnt" \
      -e ENV='/mnt/.ashrc' \
      ${IMAGE_NAME:-"graffer:active"} "$@"

main "$@"

This allows creating a symbolic link to access programs inside /app in the container.

The first tool I included is cairosvg because well… I needed it:

ln -s graffer cairosvg

I guess this is it!

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