New release of Bot::ChatBots::Telegram


I just pushed a new release of Bot::ChatBots::Telegram.

It so happens that two times in the same (yester)day I had some feedback about stuff I share. Considering the average (which is usually… me thanking my past self for leaving a few crumbles of documentation here and there), it definitely made my community-contributor day.

The first came from my previous post Sending 204 “No Content” from Mojolicious, which got - hear hear - two comments. Which, by the standards of the blog, is about the same as saying too comments. It made me happy 😄

The second was issue #10 for Bot::ChatBots::Telegram, a Perl module for… Telegram bots. It’s not actually an issue with the module per-se, because the warning came from a dependency, but still I was happy that the module was getting some attention from a friend 😊

So, no big surprise that the resolution actually amounted to this (thanks to an update in WWW::Telegram::BotAPI, of course!):

  requires 'Mojolicious',           '7.08';
  requires 'Ouch',                  '0.0409';
  requires 'Try::Tiny',             '0.27';
- requires 'WWW::Telegram::BotAPI', '0.10';
+ requires 'WWW::Telegram::BotAPI', '0.12';
  requires 'Moo',                   '2.002005';
  requires 'namespace::clean',      '0.27';

As I discovered, there’s always something more to do, like e.g. add some missing dependencies for the dev environment. You’re never done with these babies 😅

So there you go, a new release of Bot::ChatBots::Telegram is out!

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