Why all this SVG?


There’s a sort of plan behind all this SVG stuff.

Although I don’t strive to give too much consistency to the posts in this blog, there’s actually a sort of plan behind many of the latest ramblings.

My end goal is to build SVG cards in a flexible way. I already tried it, but was not too much satisfied because I don’t want to depend on the availability of a specific font.

So, the obvious thing to do (🙄) is to transform each letter into a SVG path and use it, right? Well yes, but surely I can turn a 2-hours job of getting all letters and numbers I want into a multiple-days job of studying the paths, how to calculate the bounding box of a path (so that I can center it!), and eventually position it. Can’t be too difficult, right?!?

This explains why I took a stab at parsing the d attribute of a SVG path in Parsing SVG paths, and also why I’ll annoy any reader with much unneeded maths in the future posts.

You have been warned.

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