Docker image generation for skfold reshaped


The Docker image generation for skfold, done via dibs, has been made a bit cleaner.

After having finally produced a couple of base images for doing stuff with Perl (see Docker base images for Perl), I moved the skfold generation of a Docker image on to use those images.

This means that the fatpacked version is produced inside the container, which in my opinion is a bit saner than before. Not too much. It also means that the whole process should be usually faster, because I don’t have to re-create the builder environment from scratch every time.

I’m still using the fatpacked version because it’s smaller and saves about 800 kbyte according to a rule of thumb. With this new way of generating images, though, it will be much easier to revert to a local-based setup like most of my other Perl projects brought in Docker.

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