suexec with user id 0


Where suexec plays nicely with user id 0.

As explained in Command-line Docker Applications - A way forward, I rely heavily on a small shell wrapper suexec to adjust the internals of the container and cope with some impedance mismatch at the interface.

My typical usage is to rely upon a bind-mounted directory in the container (usually /mnt) to seek for the user id and group id of the caller, and adjust the internal user’s id and group id(s) accordingly.

What happened when I did not do the bind mounting, though, was to get an annoying error:

$ docker run --rm
cannot associate id '0' to 'jekyll' in '/etc/passwd'

$ echo $?

The problem is, when not doing the bind-mounting, the /mnt directory is owned by root, which has user identifier 0. Simply put, I cannot change the internal user’s (jekyll, in this case) identifier to 0, because that’s root’s very special identifier. Ouch.

The newer version of suexec does not suffer from this problem any more. It will still warn you about the impossibility to remap the internal user to a different identifier though:

$ docker run --rm

*** WARNING: not remapping user <urist> to user id 0


so that you can still remember that you have to do the bind-mounting, at some time!

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