Post status on Twitter


Time to look about posting a new status to Twitter.

After looking at how to Post status on Mastodon (with the addition of Post status on Mastodon - with Mojo::UserAgent), it’s residually useful to look at doing the same thing on Twitter.

I say residually because I’d really like Mastodon to catch up more. The idea of not needed to rely upon a company that makes business on our data is very attractive to me. Alas, they were the first and it’s so easy to do.

Without further ado, let’s meet the code:

Local version here.

We meet again our old friend MojoX::Twitter, which we already met in Getting started with MojoX::Twitter (and a couple of follow-ups, to be fair).

This module leverages the excellent Mojo toolkit that is shipped with Mojolicious, which is our reason why we also saw an implementation of sending a status update to Mastodon using Mojo::UserAgent - if it’s there, why not use it?!?

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