Post status on Mastodon


Where we see that it is extremely simple to post a status on a social based on Mastodon.

Here, of course, we’re using Perl:

Local version here.

It’s a kind of exercise in minimalism, most probably you should try and use Mojo::UserAgent instead but it’s working.

It should work on any Mastodon instance, I tried it with Octodon, which is where I hang out as polettix.

To use the script, you need to at least set the OAuth 2 token, that you can get from the (web) application. You can also do it from the command line: Obtaining client app access. Just set it in the environment:

# this is optional and can be ignored (it's commented for a reason)

# this you MUST populate

perl postatus 'Hello... myself, this is private by default'

That’s it for today!

Comments? Octodon, , GitHub, Reddit, or drop me a line!