Torneo - a tournament management system


Please meet torneo, a humble tournament management system for games where there are more than two players competing at the same table.

Anyone (ehr, only me I suspect) reading this blog knows that I hammered their patience with a whole series about Allocating games in tournaments.

I did an example prototype web application to do the management. You can see it in action, there’s a short video about it:

If you’re interested, here are some additional details:

  • You can try/use it at torneo - please tell me what you think!

  • The UI is crude because of my lack of aestethics and JavaScript/Vue skills, but it does its job. Hints/suggestions/enhancements are welcome!

  • The backend is written in Perl, with the help of Mojolicious and other modules (e.g. for PostgreSQL backend). The backend also takes care to serve the single-page Vue application to keep things simple. Everything is deployed via Dokku.

  • The code is available in the repository.

Thank everybody that is behind all these amazing technologies. I really feel like I’m standing on the giants’ shoulders.

Happy playing!!!

Comments? Octodon, , GitHub, Reddit, or drop me a line!