I recently uploaded an updated dibs image that can be run with Docker.

Itโ€™s on the Docker Hub as dibs, tags 0.5, 0.5.4, or latest (unless, of course, you want to use the full date tag 20200307-095549-18837).

The driver script can be slightly simplified with respect to what described in dibs:

docker run --rm \
   -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
   -v "$PWD:/mnt" \
   -e "DIBS_HOST_REMAP_DIR=/mnt:$PWD" \
   -- polettix/dibs:0.5 "$@"

Local version here - save as dibs somewhere in PATH, set the execution bit, and youโ€™re done - you have a wrapper around dibs that will work in the current directory.

Requires root permissions to run - but only to run suexec as described in Command-line Docker Applications - A way forward.