Docker Run Here


Frequently running Docker images with suexec inside? Chances are you can benefit from this little one-line script.

While running Docker images created for the shell (see Command-line Docker Applications - A way forward for some background), I often find myself typing this over and over:

$ docker run --rm -itv "$PWD:/mnt" foo/bar-baz:latest ...

So why not put that in a shell script in PATH?

${DOCKER_COMMAND:-"docker"} run --rm -itv "$PWD:/mnt" "$@"

You can also download drhere and save it somewhere in PATH.

The use of the unquoted DOCKER_COMMAND environment variable is to allow overriding the command from the environment, e.g. if you need to pre-pend sudo to all your meaningful invocations of docker, like this:

host$ export DOCKER_COMMAND='sudo docker'
host$ drhere polettix/gnuplotter
container$ # ...

I guess this is it for today!

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