Unmatched is not Excluded - Pull Request is out


Where I tell you about the pull request to distinguish between two different false values in Text::Gitignore.

Previous post Unmatched is not Excluded contains a few suggestions for extending Text::Gitignore so that false values returned by the matcher functions (as generated by build_gitignore_matcher) also convey the additional information that:

  • the input path failed to match every non-negated pattern, i.e. it is ignored by the current rules. In this case, undef is returned, to signify that nothing was hit for this item, OR

  • the input path was excluded because of a negated pattern. In this case, a false but defined value is returned.

The following examples should help better framing the explanation above:

my $matcher  = build_gitignore_matcher(['f*', '!foo*', 'foobar']);
my $matched  = $matcher->('foobar');  # $matched set to true
my $ignored  = $matcher->('bar');     # $ignored set to undef
my $excluded = $matcher->('foolish'); # $excluded set to false but defined (e.g. 0)

This ended up in the Pull Request… fingers crossed!

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